Coronavirus Vaccination in India

On 16 January 2021 India started its national vaccination programme against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The drive prioritises healthcare and frontline workers, and then those over the age of 60, and then those over the age of 45 and suffering from certain comorbidities.

Steps to register for Covid-19 vaccination

As per reports, the COVID-19 Vaccine Intelligence Network (Co-WIN) system will be used to track the enlisted beneficiaries for vaccination and COVID-19 vaccines on a real-time basis.

Only pre-registered beneficiaries will be vaccinated per the prioritization there will be no provision for on-the-spot registrations.

The registered mobile number will be used to inform the eligible beneficiaries.

Currently, common people cannot register for the upcoming vaccine for the coronavirus pandemic as only officials have access to it for now.

Once live, the Co-WIN app or website will give three options for registration including self-registration, individual registration, and bulk upload.

One of the following document will be required for registration are Driving licence, PAN card, bank passbook, passport, pension document, MGNERGA job card, voter ID, official IDs of MPs/ MLAs/ MLCs, government-issued service ID card and health insurance smartcard issued by Ministry of Labour.

Photo ID is a must for both registration and verification of beneficiary at the session site to ensure that the intended person is vaccinated, the guidelines state.

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